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Inter-Crosse is the newest form of the game. Participants use a molded plastic stick and a soft, air-filled ball. The game is easy to play, adaptable to many environments, and participants quickly learn the fundamental Lacrosse skills of scooping, carrying, passing, and catching the ball.

• Inter-Crosse is an ideal activity and game for the educational and recreational systems. As a novel activity, Inter-Lacrosse is a fun, co-educational, low risk activity based on the principles of Fair Play and the founding philosophy of Lacrosse "STRONG BODY - STRONG MIND - STRONG SPIRIT". The game is easy to learn simple, basic rules.

• The formal competitive version of Inter-Lacrosse is a fast growing international sport. The Federation Internationale d'Inter-Crosse holds international competitions on an annual basis. Since its inception in 1982 the FIIC has grown at a remarkable rate. Today there are more than 45 member respondent countries involved in the FIIC.

• With the success of the CLA school program, which includes teaching plans, posters and video support, Inter-Lacrosse has impact numbers which exceed 250,000 across Canada.

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