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Lacrosse for Life is a player development pathway that helps Canadian kids get into lacrosse, have fun, learn skills, and develop to their full potential over the long term.  It's based on best practices in sport training and coaching from around the world, and it's our way of keeping lacrosse fun and safe for kids of all ages and sizes, even while we develop the champions of tomorrow. 


The Canadian Lacrosse Association is producing this player development pathway over several months of concerted effort and in consultation with key members of the Canadian lacrosse community.  Lacrosse for Life is a lacrosse-specific adaptation of the generic LTAD model developed by Sport Canada and presented in the document Canadian Sport for Life (Canadian Sport Centres, 2005).  Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is significant because it applies the most current international research in athlete development to the long-term task of developing athletes for championship performance.  As an additional benefit, it also promotes greater participation for athletes of all abilities and wellness for a larger segment of Canadian society, regardless of whether or not an athlete chooses to pursue an elite or professional career. 


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