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November - 2 years prior Confirm Host intentions from PMA rotation Sector Chair

Prior SAGM Select Host City / Club Sector

June 30 - Prior Year Send Hosting Manual & sign hosting agreement CLA Office

July 31 Prior Year Phone call to host as introduction   Sector Chair

November Prior Year Host reports to AGM through PMA Host

Dec 31 Prior Year Host opens Web site for tournament Host

April 1 current year   RIC is nominated and CLA Convenor is identified Host MA & VP Nationals

RIC is confirmed Officials & VP Nationals

April 1 current year Communication of convenor and RIC to host 7 Sector Chair CLA Office

SAGM Current year Update from host and straw poll of attendees Host & Sector

SAGM Current Year Confirm that banners will be available for tournament Sector Chair & CLA

June 1 Current Year Payment of fees & commitment to attend PMA's

45 days before competition Team list, payments and team contacts to CLA PMA's

30 days before competition Schedule approved by sector chair and on website Sector chair & host

30 days before competition Coaches meeting - date, location & agnda on web site Host & Convenor

30 days before competition Request for Rosters Host

Evening before tournament
Coaches meeting
Players registrations and waivers
Host & Convenor

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