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Strategic Plan



  • In Canada, lacrosse is a thriving national sport and a part of our Canadian DNA. Abroad, we are a world leader in developing the game.


  • To honour the sport of lacrosse and its unique nation-building heritage, by engaging our members and leading our partners and providing opportunities for all Canadians to participate.


    H Health

  • we provide developmentally-appropriate opportunities to experience fitness, fun and friendship in the fastest game on two feet

    E Excellence

  • we achieve high standards in all aspect of our sport: playing, coaching, officiating, volunteering, managing, leading

    A Accountability

  • we operate with integrity and transparency, accepting responsibility for outcomes and results

    R Respect

  • we unite communities by embracing inclusion, accessibility and diversity

    T Teamwork

  • we achieve more working together in a climate of collaboration and trust

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