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Good Medicine


  Good Medicine is the sixth in a series of limited edition prints produced by the Canadian Lacrosse Foundation to honour the game of Lacrosse and one of its greatest coaches and builders – the late Jim Bishop. This painting was created by Squamish Nation artist Todd Baker. The original artwork for this piece, as well as future originals are presented each year as the "Jim Bishop Memorial Award" to the Minto Cup (National Junior A Championship) athlete who best exemplifies leadership, skill, sportsmanship, and the spirit of the game.

The Circle: First Nations people believe in a creation-based form of spirituality which has at its centre, the symbol of the sacred circle. It is believed that the circle represents a harmonious relationship with nature and with all living things who are our relatives and that all things are connected and equal because there is no beginning and no end. Mother Earth is often referred to as a Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop because she is circular who also turns in a circle. As Black Elk taught: "Birds make their nests in circles; we dance in circles, the circle stands for the Sun and Moon and all round things in the natural world. The circle is an endless creation, with endless connections to the present, all that went before and all that will come in the future."

The Colors of the Circle: Yellow Race, Red Race, Black Race, White Race - all things in the Natural World come in fours. The teachings are anchored by the Four Great Directions (East, South, West, North); this provides balance, cohesion and connections with the earth mother, as well as the worlds above and below the earth. The directions, in turn, are anchored by the center, the place of The Great Mystery, the essential self of each human which is ever-changing and transforming, that moves beyond time and beyond seasons.

The Medicine Wheel teaches people not only to talk the talk, but more importantly, to walk the walk. As people, particularly First Nations move along their healing path and embrace the unlimited teachings and resources available to them on the medicine wheel, connection to culture, personal and collective vitality, identity and spirit will once again be an everyday occurrence. This is what Indigenous Renewal Ceremonies and Teachings are all about -- sacred connections to each other and to all things in the natural world.

The Game - Lacrosse: The men wear the helmet of the raven for their trickster abilities and the lacrosse balls are sparrows for their speed.

Jim Bishop is considered the greatest coach in the history of Canadian Lacrosse. His career spanned 58 years and touched the game at every level and age group as a coach, organizer, manager and promoter. He respected the First Nation peoples for sharing the game with all North Americans. His many accomplishments include winning seven consecutive Minto Cups and initiating efforts at establishing early pro Lacrosse leagues in 1968 and again in 1974-75. "Bish" touched the lives of thousands of young Canadian athletes in a positive manner.

The Foundation will produce 100 prints of Lacrosse Warrior and 300 Posters. Each numbered and signed print will include a biography of the artist and information on the 2005 recipient.

The Foundation's goal is to create a strong future for the game during this time of government cutbacks. In purchasing this print - one in a series - you are investing in the future of Lacrosse. The Foundation will pursue worthwhile projects to help grow the game that would otherwise not be addressed.

To order this print, you can send a cheque/money order or Credit Card number to:

Canadian Lacrosse Foundation
18 Louisa St., Suite 310
Ottawa, ON
K1R 6Y6

or E-mail your Credit Card number to to speed up the process.

The cost of each print is $150.00 (Ontario residents add $19.50 for HST ).
Poster versions of this print are also available at a cost of $25.00 plus $7.50 shipping and handling
(Ontario residents add $3.25 for HST).

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks processing time

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