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What’s the best way to show kids who move up from Pee Wee to Bantam that hitting is alright and you don't need to worry about the size of the opponent?

Speed is of the essence when a small player mixes with larger players:

  1. Always read the floor, then the play, quickly - with or without the ball.
  2. Move in and out of positions quickly, communicating at all times with your teammates.
  3. Present your stick as a target for your teammates.
  4. Analyze your target early, whether it is a pass or a shot, before you take action.
  5. Do not stop and admire your shot or pass.
  6. Your equipment should offer adequate protection, if not, reinforce with extra padding, where required.
  7. A smaller player can steer a larger player to the side, just with defensive body position.

Is it legal to reinforce an aluminum shaft for box lacrosse with a wooden insert?

No, you cannot put a shaft insert into a shaft.

Do  you have any links or information that can lead me to box lacrosse coaching plans/lessons/drills?

We sure do. Check out Lacrosse FITS, the CLA's new grassroots program for clubs and schools: Also, if you sign up for the CLA's online coaching program at, you can access our drill database in the Tools section and even create some of your own drills.

Is it a common practice for a lacrosse association to require coaches to wear helmets while on the floor?

It is not a common practice for associations to require coaches to wear helmets.  Though having said that, the safety of the coach should always prevail and if, in the view and wisdom of the minor association, they mandate that coaches must wear helmets, then that will be the case.

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