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The Kyle Cup was donated to the Canadian Lacrosse Association in 1994 by Jennifer "Jenny" Kyle, a long time supporter of women's field lacrosse in Canada.

Jenny's English grandparents, Arthur Henderson and Muriel Hanbury were both keen tennis players and in 1909 won a silver cup as second prize in a tennis doubles tournament in Bangalore, India. Sadly, Arthur was killed near Paris by a sniper's bullet in 1914 (WWI) and Muriel died in England in 1948. The cup gathered dust in Jenny's mother's attic for 50 years. Her mother, a lacrosse goalie in the days when goalies did not wear helmets because no shot over a goalie's shoulder counted, was delighted when asked by Jenny if she could use the cup.

Jenny was instrumental in the development of the women's field lacrosse program when it made its appearance on the sporting scene in the early '80's. Jenny travelled across the country introducing the game and putting on clinics in areas where the game was just beginning.
She was one of the first members of the CLA Steering Committee for the Women's Sector in 1985, and was a member of the CLA Board of Directors from 1987-89. She served as manager for the National Team from 1983-1986.

Jenny is also well known within the International Federation of Women's Lacrosse Associations (IFWLA). serving as an officer from 1988-1993.

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